3 different league types:

Classic Fantasy The fantasy football you're used to: head-to-head weekly matchups with a multi-week playoff at the end of the season.

Total Points No head-to-head matchups, just accrue points throughout the season. Most points wins.

Guillotine Get as many points as you can each week because the lowest scoring team in the league each week gets eliminated!

A site for hardcore fantasy sports fans

AltFantasySports is a site for fantasy sports fans that want to play more than just the classic fantasy football in standard leagues.

We started by creating the only season-long Alliance of American Football fantasy football games in the world. We've now expanded to many other overlooked leagues.

Have you ever tried playing in something like a guillotine league on one of the other major fantasy football platforms? It's kind of a pain because your league commissioner has to do everything by hand. He or she might even get tired of all the work and rage quit after only half a season. AltFantasySports is striving to end situations like that by providing alternative fantasy football games native to it's platform. We're starting with guillotine leagues, but will expand to many more formats soon.

AltFantasySports is also expanding to the newer, less mainstream sports leagues. This year, we've started with the Alliance of American Football. Now we've expanded to basketball by hosting games for WNBA and BIG3.

22018 people are currently participating in 8098 fantasy leagues in 4 different sports leagues

About this site

This site was created in February 2019 because I wanted to play season-long Alliance of American Football fantasy and it became apparent that none of the usual fantasy football sites were going to provide that. After the AAF folded, I realized there were many sports leagues out there that lacked options for season-long fantasy, so I decided to expand the site to support them. It is definitely a work in progress, and just something I work on in my free time, but I will continue to work on it and make it better throughout this year.

Have fun and don't hesitate to reach out with bugs or feature requests!